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What Are Your Interests?

As a business person when you go online what are you looking for? Only work related interests? Seeking new customers or clients? Comparing what you have with what someone of a similar business has posted?

Did you know statistics show that even business minded professionals always look up their personal interests before business. Some checking Facebook convincing themselves that they are there on business. Checking out all the latest pins on Pinterest or looking up last nights lottery numbers. is this you?

I believe we are all guilty as it is human nature to check on our children’s social media, last nights baseball score or a new recipe for supper. All of this searching can be helpful, that is understanding how you can put yourself in the face of potential customers. It is very important to put a personal touch on your business Twitter or Facebook. Why? Because we are human and human nature takes over every time. Among all your many business posts add something from your neighborhood or a small comment about the top news of the day. Otherwise aren’t you just another page in cyberspace.

You have a blank canvas to fill. Think on it and come up with some little things that give your blog, social media, website a spot of personality. I know you will notice a difference!

Marketing In A Virtual World

In A Virtual World, Should You Still Market Locally?

With just about everyone having an online presence or at least the ability to have one, there is one looming question to all virtual service providers. Should you still market locally? The answer is simple. Yes, you should. Everyone Is Not Virtual Yet Continue reading