Ultimate Outreach Blast

awningsMKHAre you ready for a mini store? Here you can display and talk about all the terrific things your company can do to benefit your customer. A blog is the perfect way to tell the world the who, what, when and where about your business and you. MelKay Administrative Support will develop and establish a blog (your mini store) filling it with stories about interesting facts in your business and your local neighborhoods. Ultimate Outreach is achieved by following and commenting on blogs of similar interest and potential customers. We will also do follow backs on anyone that comments on your blog. We will develop social media posts that will link your fans back to your blog, and your website if applicable, so they can see all of your products or services. We use proven techniques to increase your following on your LinkedIn and Twitter pages to make this package the Ultimate Outreach Blast.

Blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter , LinkedIn, Pinterest,  and set up are included. Your tailored outreach blast boasts 4 to 6 posts per month on your blog, 3 Facebook posts per week, 8 tweets per week, 6 Pinterest pins and 50 LinkedIn invitations per week.

Ultimate Outreach Blast Value Package $159 per month

Our Ultimate Outreach Blast should be a fundamental part of your advertising. Contact us today and let’s get your business search engine friendly!

Melanie Humphrey
MelKay Administrative Support


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