What Is My Strategy?

There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before implementing your social media strategy.
What am I using this site for, what is my primary goal?
What audience do I need to target?
What sites do I want to use?
What does my business need?
What is my budget? Or what portion there of will be used for social media?
What will my strategy say about my business and/or me?
What do I want my customers to know?
What do I want potential customers to learn about my business?

Once you have made some decisions, you can begin to create your strategy. Spend some time thinking about your answers. They need to be more in depth than just “I want to sell more product”. If this is your only goal maybe social media isn’t for you. While sales are the end result, you must want to interact with your customers as if they were standing inside your business. You want the potential customer to know ‘what’ you are about and what you are offering.

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