Marketing In A Virtual World

In A Virtual World, Should You Still Market Locally?

With just about everyone having an online presence or at least the ability to have one, there is one looming question to all virtual service providers. Should you still market locally? The answer is simple. Yes, you should. Everyone Is Not Virtual Yet
It may be a tough pill to swallow, but everyone has yet to progress and come to the other side of online business. It is true that we will possibly always need a physical location for specific businesses. However, many businesses have not established their online presence. They either have not been put up to the challenge, have not seen the need, or have no interest in advancing their business using technology, period. So, you must do as you must. That is to market yourself to these businesses because they are not surfing Google at any point to find you.
You Can Still Provide Your Services Virtually
After establishing that potential local clients are not going to find you, you must go find them. Now, it’s time to throw your sales pitch. Alert them how you live in the neighborhood and had no idea they existed until you drove by their establishment. You have just sparked interest. If a business does not have an online presence, they have no idea about the exposure and income potential they are missing out on. This is beneficial to you as you could become their consultant for web marketing and social media content.
Also, this is your step in the door to find out about their current newsletters, answering service, and how their secretary is working out for them. Don’t leave the office without showing how beneficial you can be for a business’s growth.
So there you have it. You should market yourself locally. Just imagine, there may be dozens of businesses you come across a day and nobody has ever thought to reach out to them regarding their online business services. Get out and network and dominate the market

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