The New “Peace of Mind”

Ahhh, peace of mind! “What? I yearn for, peace of mind” Lana said. “I am way overworked, stressed out, two days behind schedule, my assistant didn’t show up today and frankly I don’t even know what peace of mind is anymore”.

I was speaking with a potential client, Lana, last Friday, giving her my best pitch as to what a Virtual Assistant could do for her and her business. A colleague had told her about hiring a virtual assistant and referred me. The conversation was going along the lines of “We offer a variety of services, is there anything that needs prompt attention”? “Well I am not sure that taking this work outside the company is right for me” she said as a matter-of-fact as she could. During the course of this conversation, trying to land the client of course, I ended with we really can give you peace of mind, and we are here to help you and your company” and then..

Silence, not just sort of quiet, but honest to goodness pure silence. Hoping I hadn’t upset her, I followed with “I am certainly happy to answer your questions, do you have any”? Her reply was “WOOP! WOOP!, at least I think that’s what she said,
Even my own employees can’t give me peace of mind, I have to watch them like children, what makes you think you can”?

Now I am taken back, but I continued to remind her that she did not have to watch me, give me the task, your expectations, and your deadline, we’ll sign the contract and that’s pretty much it.
You won’t find me in the employee lounge, I don’t have one.
Nope, I won’t be gossiping either, I am in my private office.
No, babysitter can’t quit, my children are grown.
Flat tire? You bet not, cars in the garage.
No, I don’t ask for paid vacation.
Yes, I have my own health insurance.
“Lana what else can I answer for you”? Again the silence, huh-oh, I thought. I said too much and lost her.
But with great relief we discussed her research project and the deal was made. We were both satisfied and as we said our good-byes I said ” Peace of Mind” starts now. We both laughed and I know I will have her as a long term client.

I have to admit, that was one of the more intense conversations I have had, but I walked away feeling good knowing that one more business person in this world gets a little “POM”! I love my work!

Do you love your work? Do you need a little of that ‘peace of mind’? Then take the opportunity right now to contact a virtual Assistant and see what we can do. We work for ourselves so we work hard, we have to!

p.s. Thanks Lana for allowing me to use your name.


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