Business Card Blitz

biz card As a business person we all have that box of business cards that we could not wait to design and produce. They have finally arrived and you went on a business card blitz. You passed out business cards like they were the best invention since electricity.
To this day you still manage to grab a few and throw them in your wallet or glove box of your vehicle and when the opportunity comes along you manage to pass one out. The thrill is gone and that box of 500 business cards, nearly full, is wasting away. Let me shock you here. Leave those old outdated business cards right where they are. (I will show you some creative ways to reuse those old cards, coming up)
Begin designing your new card, bringing to life the business within, be creative, be direct and to the point.
You can even get a little crazy, make them magnetic, use splashy colors, have them made out of rubber, or look like dollar bills. To get you started look at some of the business cards your friends, partners and clients have given you. See what wow ideas they used, maybe you can adapt it to your card. Make it pop! Make it you!

It is time for a New Business Card Blitz! Add them to your new marketing campaign and let them do what they were intended to do, get your name out there. Here’s a list to remind you of terrific distribution methods.
Drop them in the ‘drawing fishbowl’ at your local eatery
Include them with your payments
Leave one with your tip on the table
Push pin onto the local business board.
Give one with your laundry as a ‘contact’ method
Now you keep the list going. Make yourself a long one. Then react, use that list and get your name and your business, now that you’ve freshened up, back in the hands of potential customers. Pass them out happily and freely and you will be rewarded in the long run. Vow to keep the blitz going until you have used atleast half the box. Business cards should always be carried in a sealed case so that they do not get tattered, torn or stained. Did you know the card stock absorbs the smell of their environment? Treat them well and they will treat you well tenfold.   Melanie

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