Staying Organized

filing cabinetAs business owners we sometimes fail miserably in the ‘organize it’ department. We are busy, always on the phone or with a client. Those pesky little yellow post-it notes turn up everywhere. The clipboard is in your front car seat, briefcase in the office, where did I put the mail? Establishing good organizing habits is a must for anyone from your ‘go-get-it’ person up the ladder to you.

First make sure everyone on your team knows their job. Give them the resources to do a great job and give them the tools to organize it. In this electronic age we tend to store more on our computers than in a filing cabinet but one is still essential. Chaos costs money!

Create a filing system, color code by department or client if needed.
Create a calendar, write everything down. If you have multiple departments, share the calendar.
I also keep a small briefcase with business cards, and various other items I need to take care of a client while I am out in the field.

I keep a basket on my desk. I throw all my notes, mail and any other items that need attention just not right this minute. Also if I am right back out the door to meet a new client I put any folders and unfinished business from my briefcase into the basket.

Everyday on my calendar I give myself a 1 hour block of time so that I can return phone calls,answer emails
and file, file, file, ALL items in the basket.

Take a moment and figure out what you can do within your space and time frame and GET ORGANIZED! Melanie

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